Volume 1 - Story of VAK1. Hurricane Offset Harvester. Two newsreels. 770 Selectamatic demonstration.

Volume 2 - A full demonstration of the Selectamatic range. Two very different newsreels. 4wd tractors.

Volume 3 - Early footage of ploughing with mules, horses and steam driven tractors. All the way through to the latest range of DB tractors.

Volume 4 - Four archive films covering Highway tractors, lots of footage in an old DB  quality control film. Two newsreels with footage of the Far East and the Phillipines.

Volume 5 - Featuring: The early DB corporation, the launch of the DB 25 with David Brown himself on board, the launch of the 950 Implematic and the Selectamatic 1200.

Volume 6 - Featuring: Five archive films where each film contributes to the development of the David Brown Tractor.

Volume 7 - Featuring: Two early silent films, a very popular Newsreel film, and the large Case tractors.

Volume 8 - Featuring: An amazing tractor collection, some very early footage, and promotional films of the 1980s.

Volume 9 - Featuring seven films : The DB 2D, the Hurricane Harvester, the 950, two silent films of snow ploughing, plus the 1961 Convention and some TV adverts.

Volume 10 - Featuring two films : The epic journey of a David Brown tractor from Blackpool to Sydney, Australia. And a documentary about Iceland.

Keep Your Tractor Fit - Two archive cine films now on DVD. How to maintain your tractor for optimum performance and how to get the best out of the Selectamatic range.

David Brown Tractor Club Rally 1997 - David Brown Tractor Club Rally 1997. The 1st National Rally features the earliest and latest tractors. Demonstrations and interviews with Club Members.

Case 94 Series (The Intelligent Tractor) - Featuring: Who are Case Tractors? 94 Series Assembly Line, The Intelligent Tractor, 94 Series.

The David Brown Story - Featuring: David Brown Tractors, David Brown Gears, Aston Martin Lagonda, Vosper Thorneycroft.

Service Day No. 1 - Over 2 hours of expert advice and instruction on how to do nearly every job on the DB 780/880, most of which covers all the tractors produced at Meltham.

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